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Big Garden Birdwatch 2024

It’s that time again, when the RSPB is asking us all to take part in their annual national survey of the birds that are coming into your garden.

Last year, the most spotted garden bird was the House Sparrow. But even so, numbers of them have dropped by 57% compared to the first survey in 1979. These counts are really valuable in helping us understand how birds are coping with the challenges of modern-day life.

Did you know, for example, that we have lost 38 million birds over the past 60 years?

With this information, ecologists like me along with conservationists, will be able to help our native bird species.

The RSPB website has loads of information on how to attract birds to your garden, where to get your identification guide and what you need to do take part in the survey.

The Big Garden Birdwatch event takes place over 26th-28th January. It takes just one hour and your results really will help.

Will you join me?

Photo of house sprrowPhoto of starling

(Photos: Lauren Gibson)

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