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The importance of trees

Darlington Forest Project is a charitable trust based in Darlington and trees are our passion!

Darlington Forest Project was formed in November 2019 in reaction to the alarming loss of habitat in our area over decades. The UK has the least amount of tree cover, about 13%, compared with Europe at 38%. 

That’s why creating new woodland and planting trees is at the heart of what we do.

We have had an amazing two seasons since the Project was formed.  In that time, we’ve planted over 14,000 young trees.  We’ve also worked closely with local schools to educate and encourage appreciation of nature in our children.  At the schools, we’ve planted willow structures along with fruit trees and legacy trees that the children can enjoy for many years to come.  This is only the beginning and we’re already making plans for our next planting season, which starts in November 2022.

Darlington Forest Project’s aim is to increase the tree cover across the borough. We want to make sure we keep planting trees and increase the amount of trees in Darlington to counteract the deforestation which has been and is happening.  We also have a small community tree nursery and have been collecting lots of seeds to grow our own trees rather than having to buy them.

We understand that increasing the number and variety of trees in the borough has many benefits for us today and for generations to come. Trees do so much good, such as:

  • Tackling the Climate Emergency by building a resilient reservoir of trees to lock away carbon for decades to come.  
  • Providing a home for wildlife and encouraging biodiversity.  
  • Help reduce air and water pollution, flooding, and soil erosion.

Darlington Forest Project also helps to:

  • Teach adults and children about the value of trees by enabling them to spend time planting, caring and enjoying trees.
  • Increase the number and diversity of people choosing to spend time in a natural, woodland environment to improve physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Bring trees into the heart of Darlington by designing and implementing urban tree projects.
  • Extend members’ knowledge about tree planting and management and become a point of contact, experience and resources for other tree focussed groups and projects. Trees help tackle climate change.

Many people have got involved with planting and caring for new and existing trees in and around Darlington and we are so grateful for their involvement. We are very pleased that we have reached so many people already and they tell us that the sessions meant a lot to them.

Everyone has their own personal reasons for joining Darlington Forest Project, with many people telling us that they want to leave their community in a better condition for future generations.

You can get involved by visiting our website: [external link] and following our Facebook page by searching Darlington Forest Project.

Some trees being planted

Image of tree being planted

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