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Takeaway a free tree during National Tree Week

It’s National Tree Week – 25 November until 3 December and I’m looking forward to getting involved with the Trees on Tees tree giveaway.

Trees on Tees is a partnership between the Tees Valley Mayor, Combined Authority and its five local authority partners including the council.

To take advantage of the offer you must live in the Tees Valley and register your interest in advance on theTrees on Tees website.

Once you’ve registered and received your acknowledgement, you can pick up your free tree at collection points across Darlington from Monday 27 November until Friday 1 December. Your email will tell you where you can collect your tree.

There will also be a limited number of trees to giveaway if you haven’t had chance to register, but check the Trees on Tees website for information.

The trees available will be those which are generally smaller, including Hazel, Rowan and Crab Apple. Please note that these trees do have the capacity to grow to be about 3m / 10’ tall. When you pick up the tree please bring a container or bag with you to keep the roots moist.

There will be a choice of species when you collect your tree and guidance on how and where to plant it. The aim is to help people plant the right tree in the right place. Trees may be planted on private or community land but must have the permission of the landowner.

There are also a large number of trees being delivered to community groups, small businesses and landowners, I’m so please that lots of people have got involved with the scheme.

As part of our commitment to net zero by 2040, we’ve already planted more than 20,000 trees (double the original target) but there’s room for more! Many thanks to our great team of volunteers and community groups who have made this happen.

In South Park alone we have approximately 12,000 trees – the Giant Redwoods (Sequoiadendron giganteum Wellingtonia) close to the main entrance are firm favourites with young and old alike. They were planted in 1863 to commemorate the wedding of the Prince of Wales to the Princess of Denmark, and are 160 years old.  We also have a number of trees which were planted to commemorate coronations. The oaks near the café were planted in 1902 for King Edward VII's coronation. More recently a sweet chestnut tree was planted to commemorate King Charles III's coronation. 

Also at South Park are the stunning weeping willows that border the River Skerne as well as the stunning display of cherry blossom, which can be seen in the spring as you walk in the main entrance of the park.

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