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World Environment Day

This year, World Environment Day falls on 5th June. The day has been held annually since 1973 and is part of a United Nations led programme to encourage action on the environment. 

Visit the World Environment Day website [external link]

The theme this year is Only One Earth, so I'm going to be taking the opportunity of a nice long weekend to get out and enjoy the green spaces that Darlington has to offer. When I moved here, I knew I could get out to the countryside fairly quickly - and I made sure there was a parkrun - but I hadn't really thought about how many parks and nature reserves there actually were in Darlington.  You really don't have to travel too far to get into nature.

I found a series of leaflets in the library, with short walks around Darlington. Each one links to the next so you could even walk right around Darlington if you wanted to! West Park is close to me, so that's my quick burst of outsideness. Broken Scar and along the river is my de-stressing walk. 

The library also has pocket sized cycling maps (the leaflets are in the local history bit while the refurbishment works are going on).

If you can't get to the Library, you can find maps online at Let's Go Tees Valley

Photo of walking leaflets


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