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Something Old, Something New

The festive season is often a popular time for getting engaged. This means that come the new year, many people’s thoughts will turn to planning their wedding. Wedding planning is exciting, as you plan your special day. However, it is essential to set yourself a budget and keep within this. There are many add-ons that appear essential, but both add substantially to the cost and do little to reduce the weddings eco footprint.

Weddings themselves are huge on resources, from the energy used in the venues, the food waste, all the new clothes bought the cars to take you there and the list goes on. Therefore, even just making some changes helps to reduce this waste and if we all do a little bit, this turns into a lot.

This is not about cutting everything back; it is just thinking about things a bit more deeply before purchasing. For example, there is a trend of buying flip-flops for the guests to wear if their feet are tired in their shoes. Why not go barefooted and dance, better all round than those plastic flip-flops having to go into the recycling. Do you need to buy everyone a favour, or do you just put some money into your favourite charity instead and tell everyone that? It is also good to look on social media sites that allow brides and grooms to give away some of their purchases to other about to be married brides and grooms. This again prevents these things being placed in land fill.

As a sustainable wedding dress shop, our wedding dresses are pre-loved purchased from brides. Our shop was furnished with mostly reclaimed wood, copper piping, pre-loved furniture, ornaments from charity shops. Even our heaters and the electric wire to fit our lights was pre-owned and surplus to requirements. Only a few of the furnishings are new.

Some of the dresses in the shop are brand new and never worn, many from weddings that were booked and cancelled during the lockdowns. We offer budget plans up to 6 months long to support our brides. With every dress that we sell we give £10 back to charity. We have chosen five charities to support, some local to the Darlington area and the Northeast. We sell our dresses at around 50% of the original cost, which is win-win for brides and the environment.

Our motto is that “a sustainable wedding dress is not just a trend they are the future.” We all need to think a little greener. With every minor change that you make, it is one step closer to reducing the carbon emissions of your wedding and helping our planet.

For an appointment with Emma, Jess or Debbie contact Something Old, Something New Sustainable Bridal Wear Ltd on 07594 351166 or email [email protected]

If you have a wedding dress in perfect condition that you want to sell, contact the shop for a quote to buy.

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