Rain and flooding

Urgent updates: For information about roads, council services, and public transport affected by flooding visit the important announcements page.

Flooding from roads and public drains - we are responsible for flooding from roads and public drains. Please email [email protected] or call 01325 405222.

Flooding from sewers/burst water mains - please report flooding from sewers/burst water mains to your water company.

Flooding from a river - please call Floodline on 0345 988 1188.

Sandbags and flooding

We maintain a stock of filled sandbags on pallets, together with additional reserve sandbags and coarse sand.

To request sandbags please call 01325 405222 during customer services opening hours or 07966 347101 out of hours.

There are likely to be many requests for sandbags in cases of heavy rainfall and flood and with limited resources, we will prioritise our response:

  • 1st Priority: protecting life and limb (for example, residential homes for older people)
  • 2nd Priority: protecting houses
  • 3rd Priority: protecting commercial premises
  • 4th Priority: maintaining road and transport links

Requests will be taken and prioritised. If we are able to help we will arrange for delivery of a quantity of sandbags, free of charge (they cannot be collected). Depending on priorities the staff delivering them may be able to assist in deploying the sandbags, but depending on time and resource constraints, you may have to place these yourself.

How to use sandbags properly for flood protection [external link]

If we are not able to assist initially, we will keep requests on our list and as priorities are reassessed, change or more resources become available, we may be able to help. You can also make your own sandbags by purchasing sandbags and sand at Builders Merchants, or use alternatives like pillowcases or refuse sacks filled with garden soil.

Ways to keep flood water out of your property [external link]

After the flooding we will not collect sandbags – you can keep them filled or unfilled for use in future emergencies.

Wherever possible we will assist other agencies (for example, the Environmental Agency) to maintain flood defences.

Met Office website [external link] - all the latest information on the weather and any warnings for the North East.

More information about blocked drains and sewers

Flood warnings

The Environment Agency provides information about the rivers in Darlington and their current flood statuses. Just follow this link to the .gov website [external link] and enter the postcode you are interested in

Flood risk and future development

Risk of flooding is an important factor to be taken into account when planning a new development.