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Education or training privacy notice

Darlington Borough Council uses information about children and young people for whom it provides services, to enable it to carry out specific functions for which it is responsible, such as:

  • the statutory education of children
  • encouraging, enabling and assisting the participation young people in education or training
  • the assessment of any special educational needs the child or young person may have.

Schools are legally required to pass on certain information to the local authority. This will include the name, address and date of birth of the pupil and their parents and any further information relevant to the local authority’s role and that of education and training providers.

For young people transitioning from statutory education to post-16 education, the local authority and schools will share relevant information with the named organisation that the young person is progressing into to enable the effective participation of that young person in post-16 learning.

Where young people over the statutory school age are defined as not in employment, education or training (NEET), the local authority may share the name, address, contact number and date of birth of young people with government funded education and training organisations to assist in the encouragement of young people into education or training.

The local authority also uses the information to derive statistics to inform decisions on (for example) the funding of schools, and to assess the performance of schools. The statistics are used in such a way that individual children cannot be identified from them.

The local authority is required to pass on certain information to the Department for Education (DfE) to enable them to assess the local authorities’ performance and determine the destinations of young people after they have left compulsory education. If you require more information about how the DfE store and use your information then please go to the DfE website [external link].

Until pupils are aged 16 or older, their parent(s) can ask that no information beyond their children’s name, address and date of birth (and their own name and address) be passed to the local authority. Parents should inform the pupils school if this is the case. This right transfers to the young person on their 16th birthday.

Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) use information about pupils for research and statistical purposes, to monitor the performance of local health services and to evaluate and develop them. The statistics are used in such a way that individual pupils cannot be identified from them. Information on the height and weight of individual pupils may however be provided to the child and its parents and this will require the CCGs to maintain details of pupils’ names for this purpose for a period designated by the Department of Health following the weighing and measuring process. CCGs may also provide individual schools and LAs with aggregate information on pupils’ height and weight.

Online information, advice and support on a range of issues affecting young people can be found on the GOV.UK website [external link] with access to trained helpline advisers, through SMS text message, telephone, webchat and email.

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