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My Darlington+ (Website and App) privacy notice

Who do you keep information about?

We keep information about people who sign up to our customer portal.

Why do you keep information about me?

We use your information to allow you access to a range of localised services, including refuse collection dates, Councillors details, consultations, the report it function and bowling alleys bookings (optional).

When you create a My Darlington+ account we will use your contact information to create a record in our Customer Relationship (CRM) System (Verint), which is hosted on our secure servers (we do not link the new online Verint account to existing Verint records).  This will allow you to track what you do online provided you are signed in to your My Darlington+ account at the point you complete one of our Verint on-line forms.  If you are not logged in to your My Darlington+ account when you complete one of our Verint online forms you will not be able to track progress online. 

We use a similar method to create a link between your My Darlington+ account and our bowling alley booking software (Qubica).  This services is optional and we will only create an account where you decide to use the service.  The data stored in Qubica is stored securely within Qubica’s cloud infrastructure.

In both cases you can login to your My Darlington+ account and request that we delete your Verint and Qubica accounts.  

Who can see my information?

Your data is restricted to the Web Team, a Systems and Process Officer, Dolphin Centre staff can see your Qubica record within Qubica and Customer Services can see your Report It data from Verint.  We will share your data with Qubica (our bowling alley software booking provider) when you choose to use this service.

How do you store the information you keep about me?

We store your information in our Umbraco database or in our Verint on-line forms which are hosted on the Council’s secure servers.

How long do you keep information about me?

Once an account has not been logged in to for 2 years we will delete it and the data held within My Darlington+.  Any new accounts that have not been logged into within 1 year of being created will also be deleted.  This information is destroyed securely when we no longer need it.

What sort of information do you keep?

We may use the following information about you to make sure that we provide you with the right service, advice or support.  We will only use the minimum amount of information necessary to do so and will take every reasonable step to ensure the information is accurate. 

Personal data:

  • Name
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email address
  • Postal address
  • Identification number
  • Online identifier

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