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Early years entitlements eligibility privacy notice

Who do you keep information about?

We keep information about families who may have a 2, 3 or 4 year old child who may have carried out an eligibility check for a funded childcare place or for Early Years Pupil Premium.

Why do you keep information about me?

Darlington Borough Council operates an eligibility checking system (as required by the DfE) which ‘links in’ to the Department for Education’s checking system for 2 year olds and Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) for 3 and 4 year olds and the HMRC checking system for 30 Hours Childcare for 3 and 4 year olds.

This enables local parents to check online on the Darlington Borough Council web pages to see if their child is eligible for a free childcare place for a 2 year old or whether their childcare provider or school can claim EYPP on behalf of their child and also enables local childcare providers and schools to validate a child’s 30 Hours Childcare unique eligibility code.

Before the checks can be carried out the parent/carer must complete a form requesting some personal details including the parent/carer’s name, their date of birth and their National Insurance Number or their National Asylum Support Service Number – the online checks cannot be carried out without this information.

This data is also used to run regular 30 Hours Childcare audits (as required by the DfE) which enables the local authority to identify which children may no longer be eligible for 30 Hours Childcare funding.

This information is shared with the school or childcare provider(s) which the child is attending and it is also shared with relevant departments within the Council.

The Council is relying on the following GDPR conditions to process our personal data:

  • Processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation; and
  • Processing is necessary for reasons of substantial public interest on the basis of domestic law which is proportionate to the aim pursued and which contains appropriate safeguards

The legal obligations are contained in Section 7 (1) Child Care Act 2006 and Section 1 (1) Child Care Act 2016 (Early Education and Childcare Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities 2018).

Who can see my information?

Information submitted on to the eligibility checker systems can be viewed by Darlington Families’ Information Service and other appropriate Council staff, HMRC and the relevant childcare providers may also have access to this information.

How do you store the information you keep about me?

The information is stored securely on the Council’s network.

How long do you keep information about me?

This eligibility information is destroyed securely after 7 years.

Is my information used to make an automated decision about me and/or for profiling purposes?

Information submitted on to the on-line checkers is used to assess eligibility for a funded childcare place. You do have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing.

You can ask for any automated decision made about you to be reviewed by an individual. In order to do this please contact Darlington Families Information Service.

What sort of information do you keep?

We may use the following information about you to make sure that we provide you with the right service, advice or support. We will only use the minimum amount of information necessary to do so and will take every reasonable step to ensure the information is accurate.

The categories of data you process have already been identified in your service’s Information Asset Register.

Personal data

  • Name
  • National Insurance Number
  • D.O.B.
  • Location data

Special categories of personal data

National Asylum Support Service Number.

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