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SENDIASS - Special Educational Needs and Disability Information Advice and Support Service privacy notice

Who do you keep information about?

We keep information about children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and their parents and carers.

Why do you keep information about me?

We process this information to enable us to provide information and advice to individuals relating to their special educational needs and disabilities including matters relating to education, health and social care.  We do this because we have a legal obligation under the SEN code of practice to do so.  Where we process special category data, in this case information relating to your health, we do so because it is necessary for reasons of substantial public interest.

Who can see my information?

The information and advice we provide can only be seen by SENDIASS officers

How do you store the information you keep about me?

Information is stored on the Council’s secure network.

How long do you keep information about me?

We keep this information for three years.  The information is destroyed securely after this time.

How did the Council get my personal data?

The information we keep is information, which is provided by the child, young person, their parent/carer.

What sort of information do you keep?

We may use the following information to make sure that we provide the right service, advice or support.  We will only use the minimum amount of information necessary to do so and will take every reasonable step to ensure the information is accurate. 

Personal data

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Name of school
  • Siblings

Special Categories of personal data

  • Data concerning health

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